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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy these?

We sell our products on the shopinireland website

Why are there no lines on the paper?

Because our paper is ecoprinted with leaves from local trees, and then boiled and dried and handsewn together, it just is not possible to also run them through a printer. Anyway, our customers say that they prefer it this way. It leaves room for attaching photos, train tickets, recipies and much more. Also some people use them as sketch books . So all in all, leaving them blank makes sense.

What is your return policy?

All products can be returned within 14 days provided they have not been written in or damaged in any way. Always free to contact us if you have any concerns. Thank you.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes we do. If you have a material that is special to you and you would like to make a book out of it, please contact us. It will not cost any extra.

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